The main barn of the Hoguenet holds 26 foaling boxes (5 of 6x5m and 21 of 4x4m). The stud also includes 20 boxes equipped with lights, to induce ovarian activity of maidens and empty mares, as well as 20 stalls. A covering arena is located near the 7 boxes reserved for stallions.

Yearlings are prepared for the sales at the Manoir Pottier, equipped with 37 boxes, 7 stalls, a walker and an arena. This is also where horses can stay at rest, benefiting from hydrotherapy, which stimulates their blood and lymphatic circulation.

Located near Vimoutiers (Orne), the Renouard includes 35 hectares of pasture and about 10 stalls, reserved for empty mares and mares just after weaning.



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